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Academic employee evaluation

Masaryk University (hereinafter referred to as “MU”) conducts a regular evaluation of academic employees (in accordance with the Masaryk University Career Code directive).

Key requirements placed on the development of an academic employee evaluation system included focus on its comprehensive and transparent nature, consistency throughout MU and flexibility accommodating the specific needs of individual faculties and the ability to cover a wide spectrum of activities while minimizing the administrative burden. The resulting EVAK application, designed in collaboration with a specialized IS MU team, is capable of collecting data, providing a basic evaluation and generating output assessing the performance of individual academic employees.

The evaluation is carried out at the level of individual units at all MU faculties. Evaluators are generally unit heads, faculty deans or authorized vice-deans. The internal performance evaluation of academic employees is carried out on a regular basis, with specific dates for collecting data required by the evaluation process determined by the evaluator according to faculty needs.

The evaluation applies to academic employees as well as other employees defined by the MU Career Code; all major areas of performance are taken into account: educational activities, scientific and research activities, organizational activities beneficial for the university, management activities and the fulfilment of academic positions. Additional evaluation criteria include aspects of the personal, professional and social conduct of individual employees as well as compliance with MU rules and regulations (e.g. Code of Ethics and Employment Code). Planning ahead is likewise a significant component of the evaluation, taking into account both projected professional development and key activities scheduled for the unit in question.

The evaluation process culminates with an evaluation meeting of the unit head and the evaluated employee; the senior employee can now rely on information obtained using the EVAK application. Each employee is evaluated by the unit head individually with respect to the obligations arising from the employee's position, their workload and other relevant circumstances. The final outcome of the evaluation process is summarized in the Employee Evaluation Record, which must be approved by the employee and subsequently placed in the employee's personal file.