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Masaryk University Rector’s Award for Outstanding Teachers

Masaryk University Rector’s Award for Outstanding Teachers

The Rector’s Award for Outstanding Teachers is specifically designed to recognize the quality of educational activities performed by Masaryk University employees. Therefore, for the purposes of this category, only the pedagogical activities of individual nominees are assessed.


Vynikjící pedagog

Competition categories

  • natural sciences and medicine
  • social sciences and humanities
  • economics and informatics

Award Focus

  • the award is designed to recognize the outstanding teaching activities of internal MU teachers
  • any educator working at MU may be nominated (teacher, supervisor, etc.)
  • persons employed on the basis of an agreement to complete a job or an agreement to perform work are not eligible for nomination

See the competition rules for further information.


  • nominations may be submitted by:
  1. Masaryk University deans
  2. all MU students (except for lifelong learning participants) 
  • dean nomination form is available here
  • completed form is sent to the attention of Mgr. Radka Mrázková, Academic affairs office 
  • student nominations must be submitted via a designated IS MU application.
  • each student may nominate 1 to 3 teachers in each of his/her studies
  • a student may nominate one teacher no more than once
  • information about who a student nominated is never communicated to the teachers themselves

See the competition rules for further information.


  • The competition will be evaluated by a Rector’s committee established for this purpose. Committee members include:
  1. vice-deans for studies from all faculties
  2. three student representatives nominated by the student chamber of the MU Academic Senate
  3. vice-rector for academic affairs (committee chair)
  • for evaluation purposes, the committee will have at their disposal a list of the top five student-selected finalists for each category, ranked by the recalculated number of student nominations per teacher, as well as a list of the absolute number of nominations by category. Furthermore, the committee will have at their disposal a body of information regarding the educational activities of all top ranked nominees
  • Masaryk University recognizes a total of three teachers according to their area of educational expertise (i.e. one per category).
  • each winner will receive the Small Bronze Medal of MU, a certificate and a cash prize

See the competition rules for further information.

Student Raffle

  • each student who submits at least one nomination in this category of the Rector's Awards may be included in a raffle to win a range of prizes
  • three students from each faculty will be selected at random and informed by email

Competition Schedule

  • 1 – 30 April 2017: student nominations
  • 1 April – 12 May2017: MU deans' nominations
  • May  June 2017: committee session, winner selection
  • announcement of competition results at the academic year 2017/2018 launch ceremony

See the competition rules for further information.

Should you have any questions or issues associated with the competition, please contact the organizers by e-mail at oaz@rect.muni.cz.

Information about the Rector's Award competition winners may be found here.

The Award of Students' Chamber of AS MU for Student Participation in Education recognizes excellence in educational activities carried out by students (nominate here).